Decors from gypsum

• a wide range of standard decor offerings
• gypsum decor manufacturing according to   individual design or sketch
• historical decor renewal and restoration
• standard decor CATALOG

GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) decors

• new or historic facade concrete element   manufacturing
• balustrades, columns, pilasters, etc. decorative   elements
• casting, lamination, dry concrete technology

Historical facades renovation

• historic facades restoration and renovation
• injection work and fixing of supporting   structures with spiral roofs
• foundation insulation and waterproofing

Decors from Jesmonite

• innovative material for the construction industry   and decorative arts
• high physical properties
• modified glass fiber alpha gypsum and aluminate   cement water based composite
• does not contain organic solvents
• AC100; 200; 300 - alpha plaster composites (for   casting and lamination)
• AC730; 830; 930 - aluminous cement composite   materials (for casting and lamination)

EPS Polystyrene decors for construction

• expanded polystyrene decorative elements
• coating - cement mortar 5 mm thick with   embedded polypropylene fibers
• manufacturing according to individual project or   sketch
• assembly

Decors for carpenters

• designing a model by sketch or drawing
• decor copying

Fire mantels and surrounds

• fireplace portals
• restoration of fireplaces
• tile fireplaces
• construction of new fireplaces

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